The latest statistics from the Furniture Industry Research Association has showed continued growth in the demand for home furniture, with UK manufacturing furniture provide...
16 January, 2018 | Posted in News
Console Tables are stylish and common pieces of furniture found in the home, popularly positioned in the living room or hallway. They give the homeowner the chance to make a f
15 January, 2018 | Posted in Home Ideas
As much as we all love our bedroom or home furniture, every furniture item has its day, and will have to be replaced eventually.
11 December, 2017 | Posted in Home Ideas
Crushed Velvet Beds ooze style and sophistication in the bedroom, with a beautiful range of colours available from suppliers like ARK.
7 December, 2017 | Posted in Home Ideas
Theresa May’s proposed plans for bespoke, deep relationship with the EU appears to have been dealt a blow by a leaked document indicating that the UK will be offered a trade a
17 November, 2017 | Posted in News
Bedroom sets from Alpha are truly stunning collections of home bedroom furniture that modernise the room and provide fantastic features.
13 November, 2017 | Posted in Home Ideas
Senior figures of the European Union have called for Prime Minister Theresa May to do more to encourage progress in the UK’s Brexit negotiations in Brussels.
20 October, 2017 | Posted in News
The luxury furniture market will continue to grow in years to come thanks to high consumer awareness, according to a study published on Report Buyer, who provide reports...
17 October, 2017 | Posted in News
Everybody needs a relaxing bed that lasts a good while and provides the comfortable night’s sleep we all need. But Boston leather storage beds offer more than just that...
18 September, 2017 | Posted in Furniture
According to the British Chambers of Commerce, the weakening pound is not giving the UK economy the boost some thought it might.
10 September, 2017 | Posted in News
Aptly entitled, flexi desks are a versatile and adjustable workstation for one to sit at and fulfil a range of tasks.
7 August, 2017 | Posted in Home Ideas
According to figures from Smith Leonard PLLC, the UK furniture market continued to strengthen in the month of May.
2 August, 2017 | Posted in News